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Article About Male - Maldives
Coral Sea and Its Diving Spots by Jakob Jelling - (it was shown 3676 times)

Coral Sea is one of the most interesting diving areas of Australia. This place contains a wide variety of different diving spots and allows divers to choose among several different types of diving, all of them offering a lot of fun and interesting activities for visitors of all expertise levels.

The Coral Sea has several reefs for divers to explore and which together conform a varied diving area. This area is located at about 15 hours from the coast of mainland Australia. The Coral Sea is often divided as Northern and Southern Coral Sea. The Northern area is near to Port Douglas and Cairns and is often the most known of these two Coral Sea's main sections.

One of the most famous Coral Sea's spots is where the Giant Potato Cod is. The Giant Potato cod is at the area known as the Cod Hole and visitors can not only observe it but also be next to it and feed it. The Cod Hole is very interesting not only due to the Giant Potato Cod but also due to the great amount of marine life it contains.

The Ribbon Reefs is a great area which divers who visit the Coral Sea should not miss. This area contains a spot known as the Osprey Reef which is actually one of the regions' spot which offers the most exciting diving activities along with a very beautiful underwater environment.

Those divers who enjoy challenging activities should go to the Northern Coral Sea. The Northern Coral Sea is an area full of challenging diving spots and activities among which, we can name for example diving near to sharks, practicing deep diving or diving in currents among others.

The best months for divers to visit Coral Sea is between September and January since this is the less windy season at the region. Weather at Coral Sea is often very windy and it is not so unusual that boats have to change their itinerary due to it and avoid passing through this area. When this is the case and divers who approach Coral Sea can not reach to that point, they usually are taken to another close by diving area.

Copyright 2005 Jakob Jelling

About Jakob: Jakob Jelling is the founder of Please visit his website to discover the world of diving!

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